Month: August 2011

Just Look at This

August 31, 2011

I try hard to pretend otherwise, but I’m a giant sap. I don’t know that kids are really something that’s in the cards for me personally, but that doesn’t mean that kids in general don’t make me swoon sometimes. So, I came across this little number today during lunch and almost started sobbing at my […]

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Venn, Son of Diagram

Via F Yeah Venn Diagrams So, we might as well add: I finished the MYUM Tank last night! Update to come.

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Make Up Your Mind!

August 30, 2011

Hello, there. My on-again–off-again blogging style had been upsetting my two readers. I came back with a flourish in early 2011 and blogged about nothing but my ongoing knitting projects. This brought the readership squarely into the zero digit category. So, why not move all my knitting to a space that promises only knitting updates? […]

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