Month: September 2011

Friday Project Update

September 30, 2011

Let’s keep it short and to the point. It’s Friday, and we all have things we’d rather be doing. I stayed up insanely late seaming together parts of That Damn Sweater and there’s still a ton of work to do… like, for example… finishing the second sleeve: Sweater sez hai I’m hoping blocking this guy […]

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That Damn Sweater

September 29, 2011

So, it’s been a while. “Typical”, you might think, since I’ve got quite a checkered past with my blogging. But it’s because I have had nothing but four letter words to say lately because of my latest knitting project, also known as “THIS GODDAMN THING!!!”. It’s probably because I took my eye off the prize […]

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New Yarn!!

September 20, 2011

I came home from work yesterday to some mail. Mail Time This only means one thing: NEW  YARN DAY!!! I am STOKED. Now, this pile o’ string (if all goes according to plan) will eventually become: – A sweater– A cardigan– A hat– A dress for a two year old So exciting… I couldn’ t […]

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September 19, 2011

Well, it was turning out to be a good weekend… until I settled in for some Sunday afternoon football. My dear Colts lost to the… I can’t even type it without wincing… Cleveland Browns. That the BENGALS just beat, for heaven’s sake. I mean, I love Ohio. I really do, but ouch. OH-IO = OU-CH. […]

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September 14, 2011

I had to head home from work with a migraine yesterday, so progress has been slow in the knitting department. Now that I’m bouncing back, I made a pact with a dear friend of mind who is currently doing amazing things in India to become accountability work out/ weight loss partners. This is good news […]

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Pretty Great

Pretty Great

September 12, 2011

I’m a big fan of this lady. She’s delightful. Well done, Madame. You and your pink Elvis turban are pretty great! via Advanced Style

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Remembering & Planning

It was kind of a rough weekend. I watched too many 9/11 documentaries and saw the Colts’ disastrous season opener while the Bears simultaneously were rocking Solider Field. Therefore, I was not as productive as last weekend. I didn’t have a clear idea about what I would make next, so I did a little too […]

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Ballad of the Green Beret

September 8, 2011

The holidays are far down the line. I want to make that clear because these posts are in no way meant to guilt you into doing your holiday shopping in the first week of September. I’m changing up my Christmas routine  for the first time in my life and will not be traveling to Florida […]

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Fashion Plait and Poor Photography

I had a marathon evening of Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras last night. I am not proud of this but this is what I have been reduced to watching as I start more and more knitting projects. But who isn’t on pins and needles wondering if Candy Apples Dance Studio is going to steal […]

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FOs: Labor Day’s Labor

September 6, 2011

I hope you had an excellent holiday weekend. I did – some chores, some study prep with the ol’ boyfriend, Coin Star-ing some pocket change. And a head start on Holiday Knitting! First, I finished the knitting portion of the Maile Sweater for bf’s goddaughter. It looks a little something like this: Baby Love This […]

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