Month: April 2012

Knit Night Results

April 26, 2012

Having a regular knit night is great for productivity. I was FINALLY able to join the sleeves to the toddler dress I’m working on and it now actually looks like recognizable clothing: I also cast on the Dollar and a Half cardigan for a mini Knit Along with Magical Grammar and Adaly Myles Place using Knit […]

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The Heartland

April 23, 2012

Back from a weekend in the Crossroads of America. Spent a thrilling Friday cheering on my sister in the Indiana University Little 500 Race. Her team came in a close second. She had ten family members there, so at the very least, she wins some kind of Supreme title like on Toddlers & Tiaras, no? […]

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Dog Post

April 18, 2012

Progress is slow and steady this week, but the good news is, I do have sleeves! I’m ignoring the half a million ends this project has created and am just enjoying the color changes and praising the heavens that little kids have such tiny arms. Mid-week is always a bit scant in the inspiration department, […]

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Loose Ends

April 17, 2012

As previously mentioned, I’m drowning in yarn and plans for future projects. Yarntopia by KnitPicks This is a great feeling and it’s good to know I’ll have plenty to do in the coming weeks. It’s important to me, however, to finish up a few things before getting too wrapped up in new fun. That’s why […]

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Weekend FOs

April 16, 2012

I went a little nuts this month with yarn shopping. I bought more yarn at one time than ever before and, while this was really fun, it also made me anxious. I hadn’t actually finished something in a long time! Finished the Delancey, however was like removing a road block and I had a really […]

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Fancy Delancey – Part 2

April 14, 2012

Picking up where we left off yesterday, here’s the rest of the Delancey Cardigan. The sleeves were a real test of my patience. Lots of counting and re-counting, it’s enough to make you abandon a project for something new and exciting! But the Knit Along group were great motivators and I carried on. Progress (and photography) […]

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Fancy Delancey – Part 1

April 13, 2012

Eight weeks ago, Sweatshop of Love hosted a Knit Along for Alexis Winslow’s Delancey Cardigan. I was sad to miss out on this one – it has been in my project ‘to do’ list forever – but I’d just put in a yarn order and that was going to be it for the month. Then, […]

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