Month: March 2013


March 27, 2013

Sometimes, you look actually notice the ads that show up on that free online dating site you’re on and you realize they’re super spot-on and kind of sad: Yeah, ok, fine. Maybe I SHOULD be putting a little more effort into this. But then again… WHAT is Hamish Macbeth?! Sounds amazing.

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FO: Jilted Sweater

March 16, 2013

This latest finished project is brought to you by RuPaul’s Drag Race, Seasons 1& 2 and Valkyrie (that Tom Cruise movie you totally forgot about):    I’m happy with it and forgot how much I missed me some Manilla Luzon, girl.  

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Feeling Jilted

March 13, 2013

I wanted to share my progress on my Jilted sweater, but I’m not feeling particularly verbose. So I’m just going to share a three-step process with you:   Step 1: Knit and knit and knit forever Step 2: Remove marker and drop stitch on the front of the garment. Keep reminding yourself this is part […]

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My Prerogative

March 11, 2013

Last week, I was really excited about my new project because it involved color. And I still am, I promise! Check the progress: Bring it on down to Colorville, amiright? But I forgot that I added some other yarn into my KnitPicks order – some Capretta in a light grey color. This is the exact […]

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Color Wonder

March 4, 2013

I’m feeling lazy today, but I need to share my latest project. It’s making me so happy because it involves color – something that the Chicagoland area has been lacking lately. Blues Brothers? More like Grey Brothers, amiright?! My life, all day every day So, the pattern I’m working on is called Chevron Stripe Infinity […]

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