Month: February 2015

FO: Block Island Sweater

February 24, 2015

A few months ago, I did a bad thing. I bailed on a Knit Along. I was making some real progress on my Block Island sweater and then, frankly, life happened. I got distracted by Christmas presents (because I’m so selfless and giving, you know?) and just wasn’t able to face that second sleeve. In early […]

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Caught My Eye

February 20, 2015

Things that caught my eye this week! This super cool mod of Geo Delight by Teresa Gregorio Texts from Jane Eyre  by Mallory Ortberg – one of my favorite columns on The Hairpin is now a book you can read in one sitting! Overpasses sport weight yarn from Spincycle Yarns. So dreamy! Jersey Be Good tee […]

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Birthday Bike Mitts

February 17, 2015

It’s February 17th which means that it’s both my sister’s birthday and Micheal Jordan’s birthday. For this very reason, my sister has always been a Bulls fan. In later years, she also developed a love for bikes. With those two interests combined, I stumbled upon the perfect gift recipe. Black and red RAGBRAI Mittens!   […]

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Get Some! Project Bags

February 12, 2015

You guys voted and now it’s time to make your internet dreams a reality! Last Saturday, Allyson and I turned my little Uptown home into a literal Sweatshop of Love and churned out over 100 hand screen printed project bags based on the top four designs you chose last week. And how did the turn […]

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Class Reminder

February 9, 2015

Just a reminder that I’ve got great classes on offer over the next few months! Check out the selections and e-mail Allyson with the name of the class and the date you’d like to sign up for. Beginner Knitting Always wanted to learn to knit? This is the perfect time! It’s still cold so you can […]

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HKKAL: Casting on Axial

February 6, 2015

As I mentioned on Monday, I have big plans for the Holla Knits Knit-Along this year. Though the official cast-on day was Monday,  I have a few projects I’m trying to wrap up before I can give it my full attention (I’m looking at you, Forest).  Still, I have a tiny bit of progress to […]

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Tote Vote: Final Days!

February 4, 2015

We’re coming in to the final stretch of our project bag design vote, and there’s still time to let us know what you think! Vote for your favorite two bag designs (as many times as you like!) before midnight on Thursday, February, 5th and get ready to snag the winners for your own yarn-y needs.   What Bags […]

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Scrub A Dub

February 2, 2015

Today marks the official start date of the Holla Knits Knit Along! I wanted to find a way to keep busy this weekend so I wouldn’t be tempted to cast on early. I focused a lot on my Forest cross stitch pattern from Satsuma Street but I also decided to hop on a little practical […]

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