Summer Stitching

I have been cross stitching up a storm lately! Sometimes you just get on a roll and you can’t stop, won’t stop, you know?

During Memorial Day, my grandma requested a cross stitched something from me for her birthday. Her birthday is June 8th. After I lovingly reminded her I’d need some wiggle-room on the deadline, I got to work on Autumn Bird from Satsuma Street. This is a companion piece to Forest¬†and I decided to add the challenge of using fiddler’s cloth for the first time. And it turned out pretty well!






I admit that I rushed the photos on this one because I was racing to get it in the mail (almost 3 weeks after her birthday). Originally, I wanted to frame it, but the logistics of mailing glass on top of the fact that it was already pretty tardy – I just wanted to get this thing in her hands! She loved it, luckily and I was able to move on to some other smaller projects.

My girl Allyson teaches a Beginning Cross Stitch Class at the Sweatshop of Love Studio. I decided to hop in on a class because the patterns she was teaching from Mid-Century Maude were just too damn cute. I sprung for the Fox:



See? So cute!!

And, since you’ve noticed I can be pretty brand loyal when it comes to cross stitch patterns, I sprung for two more!

Lion (with my own custom color scheme):



And Pelican:



It’s been so fun to have tiny projects that I could knock out pretty quickly. I’m finally ready to jump on a super fun Harry Potter stitching project I’ve been thinking about for months. Stay tuned!

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