Caught My Eye

Things that caught my eye this week!

The Rainbows and Unicorns shawl for Ewe Ewe yarns by my friend Leah Coccari-Swift. If you can stop looking at it, you’re more disciplined than I am. View it on Ravelry here.

Forest by Satsuma Street

Forest by Satusuma Street. I started work on this a few months ago, but really got cracking on it this week!

Pretty Little Chicago by Satusma Street.  The wait is KILLING ME.

Jen at Grainline Studio’s Bellow’s Cardigan. Jen’s a master seamstress but I always love when she has a knitted FO. She also has a great tip for a place to find cool buttons in Chicago. Thanks, lady!

SEWING CAMP. Speaking of Jen, I’ll be taking classes with her at Workroom Social’s Sewing Camp this October. While this is on my mind EVERY week, I like to remind everyone that I’m excited and they should join me.

My Theme for This Weekend: Fun with Friends

Jean Ralphio & Tom provided by


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