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              Maintenance of WEDM machine tools

              Back date: 2020-07-23 09:16:47
              Only by insisting on the maintenance work of the middle wire cutting machine can ensure the good working condition of the wire cutting machine, guarantee the processing quality and extend the life of the wire cutting machine.
              The maintenance of the wire cutting machine tool mainly includes the following points:
              1. Regular lubrication of wire cutting machine tools
                 The moving parts on the wire EDM machine tool, such as machine tool guide rails, screw nut pairs, transmission gears, guide wheel bearings, etc., should be regularly lubricated, usually using a grease gun to inject the specified lubricating oil. If the bearings, ball screws, etc. are of protective sleeve type, they can be disassembled for oil filling after six months or one year of use.
              2. Regular adjustment of wire cutting machine tools
                For the lead screw nut, guide wheel, etc., it should be adjusted according to the use time, wear condition, gap size, etc., and the conductive block should be adjusted according to the depth of the groove.
              3. Regular replacement of WEDM machine tools
                The guide wheel and guide wheel bearing in the wire cutting machine tool are prone to wear and are easily damaged parts. They should be replaced in time after wear to ensure the accuracy of movement. The working fluid of the wire cutting machine is too dirty to affect the cutting process, so it should be replaced regularly.
              Fourth, regular inspection of wire cutting machine tools
                 Regularly check whether the power cord, travel switch, reversing switch, etc. of the wire cutting machine tool in the EDM are safe and reliable; in addition, check whether the working fluid of the wire cutting machine tool is sufficient and whether the pipeline is smooth every day.
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