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              Welcome to Suzhou Suying Machinery Manufa





              1200 automatic chamfering machine
              1200 automatic chamfering machineThis machine is suitable for all kinds of metal from diamond edge to corner, suc



              1200 automatic chamfering machine
              This machine is suitable for all kinds of metal from diamond edge to corner, such as: SKD11, S136, SKD61, Cr12MOV, D2, DC53, 50C, 45#, A3, etc.
              main feature:
              1. This machine has the functions of manual and automatic cutting. The cutting speed is adjusted by the frequency converter, and the cutting speed can be adjusted as required.
              2. Chamfer angle: 45 degrees, the chamfer angle can be customized. Chamfering range: 0-6mm.
              3. The main cutter head rotates at 2800 rpm, which is powerful and powerful.
              4. Suitable for batch processing of large workpieces, mold, mold base chamfering, sheet metal processing, machine equipment manufacturing, etc. The chamfering and smoothness of the processed parts is good, and it is formed at one time without secondary grinding.
              5. Cold cutting with milling cutters can avoid the influence of traditional flame cutting on the material.
              6. This machine has simple operation, time-saving and high work efficiency. It is a must-have first-choice product for hardware molds, machining industries, and mold base processing plants.
              7. Widely used in production and processing industries such as molds, mold bases, metal processing, steel structures, shipbuilding, power plants, petroleum, and chemical industries.
              Machine specifications Automatic tool travel (mm) Working board specification (mm) Main motor Knife motor weight(KG)
              long width Thick master
              1200 900 1200 500 20 2.2KW(380V) 0.25KW(220V) 400
              1200Distribution Disk 900 1200 500 20 2.2KW(380V) 0.25KW(220V) 460
              1500 1200 1500 700 30 2.2KW(380V) 0.25KW(220V) 600
              1500Distribution Disk 1200 1500 700 30 2.2KW(380V) 0.25KW(220V) 680
              2000 1700 2000 800 30 2.2KW(380V) 0.25KW(220V) 900