FO: Axial Cardigan

As part of the Holla Knits 2015 Knit Along (#HKKAL15), I decided to tackle a project I’ve had my eye on for a while: the Axial Cardigan by Klever Knits. I’d seen this sweater in person at the pattern photo shoot and was really fascinated by the construction. Right as I was thinking about the project, a group of friends put together a wholesale order of Peace Fleece yarn and it felt like a good combination.

And I was right!



The yarn is a little crunchy at first but if you soak it in hair conditioner, I find it makes it true to it’s name sake: very fleecy. But the real highlight of this yarn should be obvious: THE COLOR. It’s a beautiful emerald green called “Poashja Hemlock” which I’m still struggling with pronunciation-wise. But not fashion-wise, honey, because BAM




This yarn holds a cable like whoa! A few other notes about the sweater itself: a lot of people prefer to make this sweater to be slouchy and oversized. I like that look a lot, it’s just not something I find myself actually wearing. I opted for the more fitted version and I can tell already it was the right call for me!




And because I finished before May 1, I won a prize! I’m getting two custom dyed skeins of Anzula For Better or Worsted! More on that later, but it’s super exciting, no!?!

Way more exciting than my bitchy resting face here. Modeling is harder than it looks, y’all.


Check out this project on Ravelry!

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