FO: Badger Badger Badger

Once you pick up Louise Walker’s Faux Taxidermy Knits, it’s really hard to put it down. Once I started my little bear coasters, I remembered that I have plenty of black and white worsted yarn in my stash – just enough to start the amazing mounted Badger Head pattern! (Which always makes me think of this.)



I reading through the pattern, I realized that I’d have to do (dun dun DUN) intarsia, but if you can’t try on a new technique for a mounted badger head, you just don’t deserve a mounted badger head, you know?

And it turned out fine! There was enough to keep my interest without getting super overwhelmed. I had to fudge the cardboard mounting board because I didn’t copy the template out of the book, but I’ve been going through an eBay phase and had plenty of boxes to choose from!

The book called for a specific type of nose that’s probably used by people who make hand-made stuffed animals on the reg. But, hello, we’ve met. If there’s an opportunity to put a pom pom on something, I’d be a FOOL if I did’t take it.

IMG_3553 (1)
Pom Pom Nose

And so, our little badger friend has the cutest little pom pom nose ever. Perfect for rooting out earthworms and grubs (made of felt, presumably).

I finally picked up some safety eyes to complete this project last weekend. He’s “looking” pretty fly now.

Eye see what you did there

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