FO: Spring Showers Blanket

I seem to have a strange cosmic connection with the designers over at the Purl Bee. A friend will announce they’re going to have a baby and then Purl Bee comes out with a super compelling blanket design.

Blankets are so much work. I tend to avoid them because I can knock out a baby sweater, hat, booties and bibs in the same amount of time. But when I got a look at Flying Geese¬†and saw that there was colorwork with zero seaming… I was hooked.

It’s been a very rainy spring here in Chicago, so I wanted this blanket to have a bright springy feel to counteract the gray days. I ordered up Knit Picks Shine Worsted and cast on immediately!



I was really flying on that garter stitch! And thanks to my friends over at Yarn Talk, I know that it’s super on-trend right now. It took a full month, but it was worth it. The results, I have to say, were pretty fantastic:

IMG_4069 (1)



The i-cord took a LONG time but really added some structure to the cotton. Plus, the pop of yellow really ties it all together. This is a great example of timing and inspriation coming together to make the perfect project. This blanket is very Spring 2015 to me and I’m proud that it will be in a special kid’s life later this year.

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