Get Some! Project Bags

You guys voted and now it’s time to make your internet dreams a reality!

Last Saturday, Allyson and I turned my little Uptown home into a literal Sweatshop of Love and churned out over 100 hand screen printed project bags based on the top four designs you chose last week. And how did the turn out?

YarnBallBlack.2-683x1024 YarnCloudBlack.21-683x1024 SweaterUnraveling.1-683x1024 YarnPrintBlack.3-683x1024

Mmmmm, I’d say we rocked it! I’m so thrilled with how these turned out and, more importantly, I’m super excited to see these beauties in the hands of my fellow knitters! Each bag is offered in a black ink option. Select bags are provided in a beautiful teal color, like so:


Each bag has two versions: Perfect Print and First Pancake. Since the bags were screen printed by hand, some of them turned out a little quirkier than others. The Perfect Prints are the best quality images and are $18. The First Pancakes are available for $14. There’s a $5 shipping charge at check out. Take a look through the shop for examples of both. Good luck choosing – I know it was a tough call for me!


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