HKKAL: Casting on Axial

As I mentioned on Monday, I have big plans for the Holla Knits Knit-Along this year. Though the official cast-on day was Monday,  I have a few projects I’m trying to wrap up before I can give it my full attention (I’m looking at you, Forest).  Still, I have a tiny bit of progress to share: I cast on my Axial cardigan!

Green machine
Green machine

I’m loving it so far! Part of what makes the pattern so great is its unique construction. You start from the middle o the back and work your way out. That’s why it looks like a hat right now. But trust me, with that beautiful green Peace Fleece, this baby is going to grow like gangbusters.

Theme for the weekend:

Civil War Jams! I re-watched Ken Burns: The Civil War this week (as all good Americans should) and if you can get this song out of your head after 9 episodes, you’re made of stronger stuff than I.

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