Holiday Gift Round Up: Droopy’s Stocking

Most of you know my dog Droopy. He’s an old guy who can be a little ‘particular’ and set in his ways, but he’s my buddy and I love him. While I esteem him very much, the shocking truth is I’ve never actually knit him anything! I started a number of dog sweaters that all ended up with some weird fatal flaw and never actually completed a project for him. I’m not sure he really noticed, but that lingering guilt was building up!

In the fall, I completed a series of Christmas stockings for a coworker of mine and got to know the pattern really well. I thought with a few modifications, I could used some scrap yarn to put together a stocking for Droopy.

Doggie Stocking

The original patterns charts out five rows of Christmas trees. I thought adding a row of dog bones was a nice way to customize for the old boy. And it turned out great!

Elegant fake fireplace display
Elegant fake fireplace display

I think Droopy was pretty pleased, too. The rawhide bones and new ball that appeared in said stocking on Christmas Day pretty much blew his mind.

Complete with background weights for your viewing pleasure!
Complete with background weights for your viewing pleasure!

When I was visiting my family for the holiday, it occurred to me that we have a tradition of handmade stockings. My great-grandma made all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren Christmas stockings when we were born. Handmade stockings have always been a part of my holiday tradition and I’m glad to welcome Droopy to the fold (finally).


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