Just chillin’ in the Purl Soho entryway. Totally in love.

One week ago, I took a trip with my mom, aunt and two cousins for a gal’s weekend in New York City. The best way to sum up the trip: full of activity, very little down time. This meant that we hit Manhattan HARD for a whirlwind Friday through Sunday, trying to check off something on everybody’s To Do list. We saw a show, hit the Guggenheim, took beautiful strolls through an autumnal Central Park and even met an opera singer in our hotel elevator coming from his premier performance at Carnegie Hall (nbd).

Still, the top of my list was pretty specific. I’d been told not to miss Purl Soho on Broome Street- a needlecraft store whose online presence via Purl Bee Soho has provided endless inspiration to me over the past three years. And it did. Not. Disappoint.

Trying to act cool - actually flushed with joy.
Trying to act cool – actually freaking out

No one else in my group has a real interest in knitting or sewing, but they were kind enough to let me have my quiet epiphany as I perused the merchandise I’d seen so expertly laid out online.

What struck me the most (and always does about Purl Soho projects) was the color. Expertly curated and beautifully arranged, this is a store I could stay in for all of my days. I bought myself two skeins of Purl Soho’s Worsted in a beautiful blue-green and cream that I’ll make into something special.

The other bonus of visiting in person – all of the samples featured online were there in person to hold, fold, try on and eyeball. I found it particularly helpful with the sewing samples. I’ve been wanting to make the Women’s Robe pattern  for a few months and getting to see it in person made a huge impact on the fabric choice I’ll make when it’s time to put that project in motion. I also loved seeing the Hudson’s Bay Inspired Crib blanket in person. It looks like more garter stitch than I’d actually want to commit to, but it was so fun seeing the finished product.

Of course, I did a *few* other things that the whole group could actually enjoy, but dropping in to Purl Soho was really special for me. In my experience, it pays to take your crafty inclinations out into the real world. It rarely disappoints.


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