Pretty Little Memories

I’ve talked a little bit about my recent trip to New York City with my family back in October. I’ve had many texts, Facebook posts and phone conversations since then that basically amounted to the same conclusion: man, that was a fun trip! My mom in particular seems really happy that we all spent that time together and I’ve enjoyed hearing her favorite parts of the trip.


I love my mom because a) I’m a human being with a heart and a brain and b) she’s one of the top moms in the business. You can ask my brother and sister (on the right day) and they’ll confirm- she’s excellent. She’s smart, funny and above all practical – which also makes her pretty tough to find a gift for. This always makes Christmas difficult. In previous years, I’ve had some success with making my mom some knitted gifts. She still wears her February Lady sweater from Christmas 2012 – a pattern she picked out for herself.

This year, however, she’s not being consulted because I have been inspired. Big time. My friends Allyson and Shane got married this year and went on the trip of a lifetime through Spain, France and the Netherlands. Over on her blog The Sweatshop of Love, Allyson showed off the projects she used to commemorate her trip – these beautiful Pretty Little City landscapes from Satsuma Street. I was so in love with Allyson’s finished projects, I couldn’t wait to travel just so I could make a Pretty Little City of my own!

Luckily, Satsuma Street offers a Pretty Little New York:

Look at the little cabs omgomg


With Allyson’s genius idea to add the dates of the trip at the bottom, it’s the perfect way to commemorate the trip and give my mom a super unique souvenir to boot!

It’s taken longer than I thought it would, but it’s really coming together. I’ll share my finished project with you soon, but if you’re checking in with me on Instagram, you’ve been able to watch it take shape. Handmade holiday gifts always seemed overwhelming to me in the past. This year, I finally discovered the perfect balance. The joy of creating will equal the joy of giving and I’m pretty excited to keep that particular tradition going!



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