Pretty Little Progress

You may remember my work on Satsuma Street’s Pretty Little New York as a Christmas present for my mom. As a special “wintertime blues buster” for me specifically, Satsuma Street recently came out with a Pretty Little Chicago pattern. It is, to say the least, to die for.

I’ve decided to make this a “weekends only ” project. That way, I don’t burn out and I really look forward to working on it.

Here is my progress from the last few weekends:

Weekend 1



Weekend 2


Weekend 3





This is my progress as of last evening! I love watching my city grow. It helps to be┬áreminded in the middle of these wintery duldrums all of the things I love about this city. Maybe by the time I’m done, I can go outside without crying tears the freeze halfway down my face! DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!


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