Project Update: Forest by Satsuma Street

You’ve heard me talk about Satsuma Street before. I’m more than a little obsessed with Jody and her designs. For my birthday this year, I received what I thought would be my very first Satsuma Street Project – the lovely Forest pattern. It came along with the floss and with embroidery linen, a material I have not encountered before. Being super excited, I threaded my needle and got cracking. And then… started to feel like something was off.


Quarter provided for scale
Quarter provided for scale


My results were teeeeny tiny, my eyes were killing me. But I was following the pattern and cross stitching in each available hole, as I’ve always done. Finally, I gave up. I wasn’t having fun and couldn’t figure it out. After finishing up Pretty Little New York, though – I’ve been itching to cross stitch, as they say. (Do they, Laura? Do “they” say that?)  I went ahead and bought some 14 count Aida cloth and decided to try the pattern again. The results have been fantastic!


While I might need to make some tweaks due to width, I’m loving how vibrant the pattern is looking. And just in time, Jody has release an adorable companion piece called Autumn Bird.

I snapped that pattern right up and wouldn’t you know, she helped me figure out what went wrong with my linen project. Turns out, you have to achieve gauge when working on cross stitch cloth! D’OH! This means I can finally end up with the super cute pillow I had in my head when this all started! Sounds like a summer project to me. Stay tuned!

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