Spring Break

I had a fun little ladies retreat this weekend! I packed up my dog and my knitting and helped Allyson house sit for her mom. A bunch of friends joined us throughout the weekend for food, drinks, crafts, board games and general hilarity. It was nothing short of amazing.

I don’t have a ton of photos for you. It was a true ladies weekend, which meant I wasn’t exactly “photo ready” in my loungewear, but I did make some progress on some projects!

Weekend spoils
Weekend spoils

I made a bit of Pretty Little Chicago progress, MAJOR Axial cardigan progress and bought some fabric for upcoming spring wardrobe fun!

I’m most proud of casting off the back of my Axial cardigan. Check it out!


I’m really thrilled with how this color is turning out! It’s so perfect for this pattern. the stitch patterns look like ancient ferns. I’m into it (and so is Droopy)!

My fabric haul is also pretty cute:


I spy two potential Scout Tees and three baby bonnets. All for $19! Since the part of Michigan I visited has a large Dutch population who pride themselves on being savvy with their money, I think I really embraced the spirit of their community by getting some monster deals! Mijn luchtkussenboot zit vol paling!

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