Weekend Stash Attack

I put in a Knit Picks order last week. It’s been a while so it was a tad on the large side. I’m pumped for the yarn that’s coming but it made me look around at my existing stash and feel a little overwhelmed. It’s really, uh, blossomed over the past year and a half! I’ve been working on larger projects that I find myself in the middle of (Pretty Little Chicago cross stitch, Axial cardigan) and it can feel a little demoralizing to see no end in sight.

That lead me to my favorite stash busing project: Smitten Mittens! Tiny little mini-mittens that will eventually transform into a holiday garland. I went a little nuts:

Tiny high fives!
Tiny high fives!

They’re just so portable and satisfying! At this rate, 25 (one for each day leading up to Christmas) should be kind of a breeze!

I also started another Faux Taxidermy Knits project  – bear coasters! I wasn’t sure if these would be practical, but I’ve found a use for them every day so far:


I now have a set of two. I probably don’t need any more, but I think it will be pretty impossible to stop myself from making just a few more…




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