WIP Closet Confession

We’ve all got them. WIPs – Works In Progress – that have died on the vine for one reason or another. Some of us who have bad cases of start-itis have QUITE a few. That’s why when my friend Leah at Ruby Submarine talked about starting a series of posts about opening up our deepest darkest WIP secrets, I felt a mild sense of panic.

“I just have so MANY,” I thought. “I wouldn’t even know where to start!”

And that familiar feeling of shame washed over me. You know the one? That one that stops you from actually tackling those long abandoned projects.

So, I decided to pick a project that I lay eyes on almost every day. It’s my Henri Sweater that sits in a basket under my work table.

Oh, Henri…
All by my seeeelf… don’t wanna be…

Here’s the rundown:

1. What is it? 
Henri by Ann Leachman

2. When did you start it?
September 2014

3. What’s it for?

4. What’s it made of?
Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Marine Heather. This yarn was given to me by a friend who used it in a project that didn’t work out. She said if I felt like ripping it out, it could be mine! So, I did!

5.Why isn’t it done?
This is kind of the tragic part. The entire front of this sweater is finished. It just needs a back! I stopped work on it for a few reasons, the most pressing is that I think I stopped the front cable work too soon because I was using an old tape measure that was missing a good 2/3 of an inch off the front. By the time I realized this, I’d cast off the second arm. I blocked it to see if it would work. After looking at it with fresh eyes today, I’m determined that I can. After all, I can just add some width to the cables on the back and it should still have the nice slouchy feeling I’m looking for.


Then, I got in my head about the color. It’s sincerely the most beautiful blue you’ve laid your eyes on. But then I started thinking about what I’d wear it with. Probably mostly jeans, but that’s just WAY too much blue. I had this notion in my head for quite a while – that it was just too blue to wear with jeans and what was the point? I know this is megastupid. After all, it would look kick ass with black pants, which I have in spades.

But this is how my WIP graveyard starts adding up. I start quibbling with myself and then a new shiny project will pop up on my Instagram feed or in Ravelry. And then it is moved further and further out of my mind. It is dark magic, really.

6. What would it take to finish it, at least in time and materials? (emotional toil notwithstanding)
Probably a two to three weeks? This would include finishing the back, seaming, picking up for the collar and blocking.

7. Is it worth finishing, or consider ripping it? I really think it’s worth powering through. I’ve wanted this sweater ever since the pattern was first published. I’m the only thing standing in my way!

So is Droopy’s butt…

8. Shame scale 1-5
I give it a 4, mostly because you’ve now seen how much I get in my head about this stuff. For me, that’s the REAL shame. What sounds like solid logic in my head looks totally batshit when I sit down and write it out. NOW YOU ALL KNOW MY CRAZY!

WHEW. What catharsis! I’m going to keep up with this series and probably drag out a few more of my skeletons before the year is out. Keep an eye on the #WIPsCC hashtag for more Closet Conessions!

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  1. Laura! First of all, that sweater is going to be amazing.

    I really love your post. You really grasped the spirit of this project. XOXOXOXOXO

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